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When law enforcement cover-up their misdeeds...Who protects us?

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The average American believes the statements expressed in America's Constitution covers each and everyone, laws are in place granting equal protection to all, law enforcement included.

On this site will be found opressions experienced by citizens of Citrus County, Florida, their experience with supression of their stories by influenced local media coverage, tyranny experienced from Citrus County's Sheriff's Office, crimes committed by members of Citrus County Sheriff's Office, gestapo like tactics involving Citrus County Sheriff's Office,  corrupt government practices, things which our Nation's military are sent to combat against on the soil of Foreign Countries.   When completed, their stories will be found under the NEWS STORIES button above.  One woman's exposure of corruption in Citrus County's justice system and the manner in which she has been manipulated by a biased judge.  A mothers tireless quest to learn the truth concerning the apparent death of her son and the subsequent conflicting responses from members of Citrus County Sheriff's Office.

12:18 AM 10/21/2012

The writer has been semi-quiet, for too long.

A few citizens are beguiled by Sheriff Jeffery Dawsy, his "system" cronies, and others "of influence" in Citrus County, Florida... Conscientious voters together with those unable to vote, should consider the obvious facts about a Justice System which would rather coverup crimes committed, by a pyramid of members in his agency, not forgetting several State entities contacted, with all alluding to Internal Affairs in their responses.

Members of the Citrus County Sheriff's office, in response to a vandlism complaint, participating in a charade, filed a false complaint and generated (setup, staged) evidence by way of documentation, photographic and signed.

The volunteer crossed the line several times, initiating his envolvement. The deputy(s), there were two although one has flown under the radar, crossed the line several times by and through conspiracy, tampering with/staging evidence and, generating signed false official documents. Internal Affairs, which is responsible for initiating a valid, dilligent investigation into complaints where members of the CCSO are concerned, essentially blew off the complaint. Apparently a lapse of 30 months falls into their interpretation of Statutes of Limitation. Ironicly their ignorance expanded the scope of Felony envolvement, thus the Federal Complaint.

When enough elements of a puzzle are assembled a distinct subject becomes apparent. This website is intended to put several pieces of an interesting puzzle concerning Citrus County together so the general public may realized what Citrus County and State of Florida can and will cover-up. Discrimination by law enforcement, the county commissioners, the judicial process and questionable ethics of an attorney are presented.

Christopher Cornell of the Citrus County Sheriffs' Office fabricated evidence and, generated false statements in various documents. Various members of the Sheriffs' Office ignored complaints pertaining to his activities and in essence made efforts to cover his crimes.

Apparently numerous people interested in the case have been confused by the references to photographs taken by Deputy Cornell. Perhaps this will enlighten everyone.

When the volunteer, chief complaintant, arrived at the scene of the alledged vandalism he was driving North, forward, the tracks of the vehicle would be behind the tires.

His vehicle was in the original position, with the front well off the roadway, when I drove up and stopped.

His vehicle was in the original position when he returned to it prior to my moving to stop beside his fully opened door.

In the photographs of front of car faint tracks from his vehicle can be seen , left when his car was rolled backwards to a point where his opened door bisected my tire track, thus attempting to backup his allegation of my threatening him with my vehicle.

In statements made long before this site was created it was explained how I had driven well to the side, away from his vehicle and towards the fence and scrub trees. The tracks created by doing so are also in the photographs taken by Deputy Cornell. The point where my front tires were when parked beside the car's opened door is also clearly visible and are seen as being where they were when I turned them sharply to the RIGHT to steer out between the rear of the car and the pickup.

At no time was I a deliberate threat to the volunteer, in fact my vehicle was moving away from him.

Deputy Cornell's photographs clearly show the car was rolled backward AFTER I left the area. The track is IN FRONT of the tire due to the fact the CAR HAD BEEN MOVED, which is what I have stated all along.

 Deputy Cornell further incriminated himself by claiming the last two photographs he created are PROOF THE CAR HAD NOT BEEN MOVED. They show tracks left by tires which had been rolling FORWARD prior to stopping and, the print left by a boot believed to be of the type worn by law enforcement, which is not seen in the photographs of the rear of the car.

These facts are documented and undeniable. The volunteer's complaint was written to agree with the photographs, and, the photographs created to support the words written by Citrus County Sheriff's Volunteer Gerald McLain in his complaint. The complaint recieved by Deputy Christopher Cornell, Citrus County Sheriff's Office on January 28th, 2005.

The statements of one of the witnesses also support mine of being parked beside the car, conversing with the volunteer, which the volunteer, Gerald McLain, also does not claim in his complaint.

The Courts, Dawsey and all others have accomplished nothing but to deny what the facts demonstrate.

 Members of Citrus County Sheriff's Office can, and will, do all they can to frame someone to coverup the undeniable crimes committed by those sworn to uphold the law.

The volunteer, Gerald McLain, had no right to stop, attempt to detain nor question me, and by his creating the false complaint added together with Deputy Cornell's statements and photographs generated a conspiracy. The Justice System of Citrus County does not want these facts considered by a Jury...nor the logical minds of others, by suppressing media coverage...a subject which has occured more than once involving the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, Citrus County, Florida.

Either the Volunteer Member of the Sheriff'x Citizens On Patrol was gullible enough to be "coached" into the elaborate scheme, or he initiated it, to be "super cop".

Where several gray areas may exist in the County's Government, this is one undeniable example of Felonies being committed by those expected to protect and serve. Felonies, which any other citizen would be brought to Justice for having committed.

Gerald McLain, a volunteer member of the Citizens on Patrol faction of the Sheriffs' office, likewise made false statements in documents, knowing full well the utterances made pertained to the allegation of a crime which never occurred.

The morals of all involved in the loss of freedom, rights, and other injuries, by one man are questionable and it served what purpose? What is the full picture? Who benefitted, to what depth?

The most learned minds on the planet would be interested in this: Please, explain to the rest of us as well.

How did the deputies manage to move a solid object, in two directions, at the same time?

The answer is in the photographs on this website. Photographs made by Deputy Cornell, alleged to be "proof of vehicle not beihg moved.

One photograph of rear of car, right rear tire, clearly shows a track made by the vehicle rolling backward prior to stopping. Another, alleged by Deputy Cornell to be proof of the car never being moved, shows a track made by the same tire, rolling forward prior to stopping.

The alleged crime never occurred and innocent people should never stand down.

Jeffery Dawsey, the associated members of his agency, and others in complicity of this matter, should not be members of Law Enforcement, nor Justice System(s) of Citrus County.

He should resign, if not removed from his office, and others prosecuted albeit, Jeffrey Dawsy also, were it proven any knowledge was known by him. Social, employment, status' does not make them immune to the Crimes, Laws, and punishments a layman would edure.

Trumped-up "plea deals" are dangerous, deceiving and entrapping...creating cloaks for criminal law enforcement to hide behind and a quick financial gain by unscrupulous, plea monger, attorney's.

This was a case of actual innocence and the Courts displayed prejudice beyond logic by bending the rules to satisfy the cronies of Citrus County's good ol'boy Justice system.

Dawsey for Sheriff For Excellence... is claimed on signs throughout the county. In whose pocket? Using what morals?

Charles Vaughn, Attorney, was hired to defend the accused. Instead of defending, Mr. Vaughn coaxed the accused into entering into a plea deal involving the use of a plea of no-contest. A plea of no-contest is, in fact, a guilty plea. Mr. Vaughn evaded positive statement of that fact by means of evasive reply to the question of the plea of no-contest being an admission of guilt.

Richard Wesch is, or was, the attorney for the Sheriffs' Office. Mr. Wesch was the County attorney, associated with conflicts of Citrus County and the accused, when an attempt was made to have a manufactured/mobile home situated on property of the accused, to replace an existing home of the same type. The new home was eventually sited and the other removed but only after Citrus County attempted to prevent that from happening. Mr. Wesch and the Board of County Commissioners tried several legal maneuverings up to and including forcing the accused into paying out several thousand dollars to have the subdivision rezoned. Placing the home on our property caused the irritation of several builders and developers in the county, most notably those involved with the adjacent development, Pine Ridge Estates.

Jeffery Dawsey, Sheriff of Citrus County, and several members of the agency reside in Pine Ridge Estates.

Numerous acquaintances of the accused question whether or not the alleged crime was in fact the catalyst for actions which would eventually lead to the imposition of financial burden upon the accused to the extent the accused would have to move from the property, there by accomplishing satisfaction of the builders and developers.

It is believed Richard Wesch was the common link between it all.

The alleged crime never occurred, there is more than enough proof of the false claims contained in the alleged tangible evidence generated by Christopher Cornell and Gerald McLain. Their actions were crimes.

The entrapment process used by the State of Florida following an arrest is one of coercion and intimidation.

Law enforcement can and will create false charges and staged/tampered evidence.

The accused is told they are facing the consequences of the charge but, if they enter a plea of no contest, the penalty will be less. This is nothing other than the State making an effort to reduce the burden of proof on its part. The utterance of no-contest means the accused is not contesting the charge or evidence, and in fact is doing nothing other than admitting to being guilty and as such is giving up their right to being found guilty, or innocent, by a jury. Furthermore, it gives the Court latitude to disregard the plea agreement and do as it damned well pleases. The accused either goes along with it or faces further financial distress in attempting to fight a winless battle. The State does not give a damn about anything other than itself and protecting, covering-up, the deliberate wrong doing of those sworn to protect the population as a whole.

The no-contest plea arrangement also gives law enforcement a shield to hide behind, to cover-up their activities, illegal or not. The State of Florida does not give a damn about a person's innocence but rather who can and will benefit the most financially from the activities of dishonest, discriminating, prejudiced, law enforcement, Judicial and attorney practices. Courts, using a twisted form of legal logic, will utilize the plea agreement in defense of their ignorance of actual innocence.

The penal system of the State of Florida should be compared to utilizing citizens as a "cash crop" in a farm of corruption and dishonest government. False charges are uttered, arrests are made, correctional facilities and jails are filled to capacity. The need for more jails, correctional facilities and related employees is generated thus "farming" of a select populace is accomplished i.e. those of minorities and the less fortunate who can ill afford prudent conscientious attorney representation. This, in the writers opinion, pretty well sums up government in the State of Florida, have influence, financial backing; you can get away with anything, it's not a government "of the people, for the people, by the people", but rather of a few, by a select chosen few who can be paid-off to satisfy greed and corruption.

The squalor witnessed in several detention facilities gives further testament to the inhumane treatment administered by the State of Florida Mold and mildew on walls and bedding, inadequate ventilation, unsanitary administered grooming practices, incompetent medical attention, compromising the complaints of inmates by restricting their communication with the outside world in so far as written documentation of their grievances and, crimes actually being committed by those expected to be custodians of the condemned.

Contrary to what the general public may believe, prisons are not "run" by the guards but rather the inmates. Sure the inmates are confined and controlled but the crime and other activities continue, for some to better benefit than what they experienced on the outside. Drugs and dealing with them continue and in fact is quite lucrative for a few due to supply and demand. From what was witnessed in Florida, those incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay received better treatment. And they were, are, considered a threat to national security.

Justice in Citrus County Florida is a facetious use of the term. The favored ploy of unscrupulous attorneys, the State attorney and the Courts is the use of plea deals. No matter how it is worded from the mouths of attorneys trusted to defend the accused, a plea deal is an outright admission of guilt to what he, or she, is accused of by the Sheriff of Citrus County. The accused has the right to fire their attorney if the utterance of a plea deal is made by the attorney. The attorney is trusted to defend; a plea deal is an admission of guilt whereupon there is no logical form of defense being made.

The sheriff's office of Citrus County condones criminal actions of those associated with it. Deputies can and will lie, fabricate crimes and stage evidence then hide behind the Courts of County Judge MarkYerman and District Court Judge Richard Howard, not to mention fellow members of CCSO. Yerman and Howard feed on plea deals being made before them.

Where the "deal" is entered into verbally from the attorneys, what is not revealed to the accused is the document pending in the courtroom and the accused is under the pressure of, after having already entered into the verbal agreement and believing that agreement to be binding, accepting the document. Likewise there will be no record of any doubt uttered by the accused, during the verbal agreement, in protest to the "deal" as to whether or not it is an admission of guilt. If the attorney utters anything other than yes or no, fire him or her. Any other form of reply is an evasive one. Likewise, they should be especially wary of any intimidating utterances made by the Court.

Should the Court state something such as, "If the agreement is withdrawn, a mistrial will be declared and we'll have to start the whole process over again." Big deal! Let them start it over. Only this time the accused should cautiously examine information their attorney is divulging where any and all evidence is concerned, especially so where actual innocence is known. If you feel the plea is in fact an admission of guilt do not enter it. In the writers opinion the full contents of the document should be presented to the accused at the moment any mention is made of plea deals and no contest, not in the intimidating environment of a courtroom. A part of the document states the plea is being made "freely and voluntarily". Deliberate failure to disclose the facts by their attorney does not make it freely and voluntarily agreed to.

The Court wants the signature of the accused on the document. Once it is signed, any and everything imaginable can be administered by the Court, up to and including back-peddling, backing out of whatever terms the verbal agreement consisted of. There will be no leniency extended due to ignorance of the definition of the plea deal. One of Yermans' favorite utterances is, "ignorance is no excuse." When one takes the gravity of plea deals under consideration they in effect place the attorney, trusted to defend, in the place of being Judge and Jury, the Courts only have to administer punishment.

The Sheriff's Office, States Attorney and Attorney General of the State of Florida, and the Courts, will use the plea deal to satisfy any denial of Justice to the accused. Perhaps the most illogical, ridiculous aspect of plea deals is the fact that, although solid evidence can be presented to prove innocence, the backward minds of those in Florida government and Justice System will forever hold the accused as being guilty. Owing to the vast numbers of minorities witnessed in the States penal system, the writer believes the Government of Florida still holds to ideals pertaining to those believed to have been abolished by the Civil War, and what better way to obscure them than by use of plea deals? Unfortunately too many citizens would rather look the other way than do something to abolish plea deals that is, until they themselves are faced with the reality of its meaning. On the other hand, all too often the accused is without the financial means to hire a responsible attorney to honestly defend them.

If an attorney cannot be afforded a public defender will be appointed by the Court, this is a part of Miranda Rights which a law enforcement officer is supposed to utter at the moment of making an arrest. As one of several lies uttered by the Deputy of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office in the form of documentation, the writer never heard that utterance.

Public defender or not, any utterance of a plea deal warrants the firing of the attorney, especially so if the accused is actually innocent. The Court could care less about innocence once the documented agreement is in its possession, at which point the accused is at the mercy of whatever twisted, sadistic mindset the Court possesses. If only a traffic citation, a plea of no contest is still an admission of guilt, so why bother with the utterance of it? If you are guilty, admit it outright, if not, stand your ground, it's your right. Do not be duped by unscrupulous, dishonest attorneys who only have their financial interests in mind. Plea deals are a short cut for all concerned except the accused.

As stated elsewhere, although documentation exists from Florida Department of Corrections proving payments were made, by and through the actions of the clerk of courts and Judge Howard, my driver's license has been suspended indefinitely for failure to pay. Where is the logic in that?

The Sheriff's Office of Citrus County Florida, Judiciary of the County Court, 5th Judicial District, Florida's Attorney General, and State's Attorney do not subscribe to the above nor do they exercise prudent logic in the performance of their positions. They go through various charades, depicting justice for all, but in reality are shams of American justice and law enforcement. Puppets manipulated by the puppeteer of greed.

Mid 1994, after living in the somewhat confining environment of a singlewide manufactured home, we decided to have a larger home situated on the five acres we owned, not aware of the discriminating prejudices existing in the County's government and a few citizens in general.

The first question of interest was one uttered by a neighbor, "How is it that the county is letting you put a bigger home on your property?"

Due to a manufactured home already existing on the property, another could replace it, or so it was assumed. This was not to be the case.

Several months of various communications followed between the government of Citrus County and ourselves.

In the end, we won, but it cost considerable, as we had to pay to have a substantial portion of the subdivision rezoned. Was it an attempt by Citrus County to prevent our having the larger home by imposing the financial burden in the interest of developers, builders, and realtors? Several people believe that to have been the reasoning. Some going so far as to state what we had done would anger numerous builders and developers.

The victory was also a major loss in another way. The "new" home was delivered and assembled, in damaged condition. By and through the manipulations of those associated with the home we were unaware of the facts. Substantial damage had occurred to the structure while it was at the dealer's lot, and during transport, damages which were covered up, hidden by those involved. Damage to be revealed over the following years but which the state of Florida and Citrus County could be concerned less. Consumer protection is very lacking in this State. Considerable "lip service" is offered, prudent action is not...unless of course, for a fee.

Information on this site pertains to thefts taking place on another property in the subdivision, and how law enforcement chose to ignore the reporting of the suspicious activities. This ignorance would not have occurred were it to have involved the same instance on a property in one of the more affluent areas of the county, another example of hypocrisy by Citrus County law enforcement.

Although my case evolved from the falsified complaint submitted by Gerald McLain a member of the sheriff's volunteer group, as displayed elsewhere on this site, falsified documentation submitted by deputy Christopher Cornell, staged/tampered evidence submitted by deputy Christopher Cornell, all of which are crimes, the complaints concerning said crimes were ignored by sheriff Jeffery Dawsey, attorney general Charlie Crist, the state's attorney's office, and every other entity. This ignorance would not have occurred had the crimes involved an ordinary citizen; said person would have been charged with the crimes. A former sheriff attempted to use his status to evade a citation for speeding and, avoid paying the fees associated with building a residence in another instance. Both of which the average citizen would have been penalized for attempting.

Another member of Citrus County law enforcement rear-ended a citizen with the county vehicle he was driving. The average citizen would have been issued a traffic citation he, Winn Webb, was not. That former member of hypocrisy is now on the board of Citrus County Commissioners.

Due to not being advised of my rights at the time of my arrest, I was not aware that an attorney would be appointed to defend me. Deputy Cornell states in his documentation he gave me my rights. That is a false statement. He, nor anyone else, ever did.

The attorney hired to defend me was a serious mistake on my part. At the initial meeting with him I stated there were to be no plea deals. I was not guilty and knew nothing of the cause for the charge. My conviction came as the result of his advising me to enter into a plea deal, ignoring my first utterance of refusal and the subsequent two additional protests against it, as it was considered to be an admission of guilt. His final words on that subject were, 'Not necessarily'.

After the verbal agreement was entered into, and in the courtroom, I was given a document to sign which contained information not mentioned during the verbal agreement discussion. Having made the verbal agreement, and hearing Judge Howard's words though, I accepted the document. After the fact I felt I had been entrapped by the words of Vaughn and Howard. Failing to make full disclosure of the statements of the document during the verbal discussion does not mean the plea deal was entered into freely and voluntarily.

Entering into a no-contest plea is admitting guilt of the charge...exactly that. Admitting the state's evidence is such that you do not want to contest it, thus you are guilty as charged. The stupid part about my case was I had no idea of how the charge could exist for something which never occurred. On several occasions Charles Vaughn, my trusted attorney, was told I did not understand the cause for the charge. The reluctant plea deal was what convicted me.

The state's evidence in itself demonstrates the fact that Vaughn did not thoroughly consider all of it. The original complaint, witness statements, alleged evidence, none of which are consistent with one another, does not prove a crime occurred, but does prove falsified statements, evidence tampering, and false documentation, none of which law enforcement nor the state acknowledge. A terrific example of the illogical minds of law enforcement, the courts, and the State of Florida... The term moron is too kind.

A letter was sent to then attorney general Charley Crist. His moronic reply was that I should complain to the Internal Affairs departments of agencies other than the Citrus County sheriff's office. Where was the logic in that? The only reason those agencies were mentioned in the letter to him was pertaining to my efforts in contacting the owner of the property which was believed to being stolen, the complaint about which Citrus County was ignoring. Complaints to Attorney Generals since have not been responded to, even the certified mail responses were never received.

The common links between our having our home and this case involving the Citrus County sheriff's office Richard Wesch was Citrus County's attorney during our attempt to have the home we wanted; Jeffery Dawsey resides in Pine Ridge Estates, the development directly adjacent to our property, Richard Wesch is now, or was, the attorney for Citrus County's sheriff's office.

 Although in the beginning the correlation was not realized, the subsequent activities of the sheriff are believed to have ties to the previous incident with Citrus County government and those whose toes we stepped on. Rather than address the alleged crimes committed by members of the sheriff's office, they instead were utilized to fuel further attempts to force us out of our home, thus satisfying the desires of the developers, builders and those involved with real-estate in Citrus County. Where Vaughn and his actions fit into this is not clear. What is clear though there never would have been a conviction, nor any other action, had the evidence been thoroughly examined and, had I not been coaxed into the plea deal.

The plea deal is what Dawsey's cronies, judges Howard and Yerman have used as their excuse in defense of their reactions to all of my protests since and. have utilized to cover-up the crimes committed by members of the sheriff's office.

In what others consider to be a direct violation of my First Amendment Right, Judge Howard in more than one instance, ordered me to cease with my claim of being innocent. Well Howard, I AM INNOCENT! Logically no one can be guilty of a crime which never occurred to begin with. Duh! Then again, how much logic is demonstrated by Citrus County and the State of Florida?

Any citizen that might make a false allegation may be criminally charged under any of the following Florida statutes:  Source: http://www.bradfordsheriff.org/bradford-sheriff.php?p=39&n=Complaint

False Official Statements. Whoever knowingly makes a false statement in writing with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his or her official duty shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.  Source: http://www.bradfordsheriff.org/bradford-sheriff.php?p=39&n=Complaint

(1) Whoever makes a false statement, which he or she does not believe to be true, under oath, not in an official proceeding, in regard to any material matter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
(2) Knowledge of the materiality of the statement is not an element of this crime, and the defendant's mistaken belief that his or her statement was not material is not a defense.

837.02 Perjury in official proceedings. Source: http://www.bradfordsheriff.org/bradford-sheriff.php?p=39&n=Complaint

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2), whoever makes a false statement, which he or she does not believe to be true, under oath in an official proceeding in regard to any material matter, commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. (2) Whoever makes a false statement, which he or she does not believe to be true, under oath in an official proceeding that relates to the prosecution of a capital felony, commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. (3) Knowledge of the materiality of the statement is not an element of the crime of perjury under subsection (1) or subsection (2), and the defendant's mistaken belief that the statement was not material is not a defense.

837.021 Perjury by contradictory statements. Source: http://www.bradfordsheriff.org/bradford-sheriff.php?p=39&n=Complaint

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2), whoever, in one or more official proceedings, willfully makes two or more material statements under oath which contradict each other, commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. (2) Whoever, in one or more official proceedings that relate to the prosecution of a capital felony, willfully makes two or more material statements under oath which contradict each other, commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. (3) In any prosecution for perjury under this section: (a) The prosecution may proceed in a single count by setting forth the willful making of contradictory statements under oath and alleging in the alternative that one or more of them are false. (b) The question of whether a statement was material is a question of law to be determined by the court. (c) It is not necessary to prove which, if any, of the contradictory statements is not true. (d) It is a defense that the accused believed each statement to be true at the time the statement was made. (4) A person may not be prosecuted under this section for making contradictory statements in separate proceedings if the contradictory statement made in the most recent proceeding was made under a grant of immunity under s. 914.04; but such person may be prosecuted under s. 837.02 for any false statement made in that most recent proceeding, and the contradictory statements may be received against him or her upon any criminal investigation or proceeding for such perjury.

Florida statutes require that all police agencies in the state have a complaint procedure:

Florida Statutes 112.533 Receipt and processing of complaints. Source: http://www.bradfordsheriff.org/bradford-sheriff.php?p=39&n=Complaint

(1) Every law enforcement agency and correctional agency shall establish and put into operation a system for the receipt, investigations, and determination of complaints received by such agency from any person.

Apparently the Sheriff's Office of Citrus County, Attorney General for the State of Florida and State's Attorney do not adhere to the same State Statutes as those, whom they are sworn to serve and protect, are governed by. The Sheriff's Office in particular demonstrates ignorance by deliberately evading complaints, via various excuses.

This site contains information demonstrating perjury and evidence tampering by Deputy Christopher Cornell, perjury by volunteer Gerald McLain, and, when all are combined, conspiracy also a crime, is apparent. All of these allegations would be actively investigated by the Sheriff's Office and prosecuted by the State were an ordinary citizen to have committed the crimes.

The first utterance of a complaint was via a letter mailed to Sheriff Dawsey shortly after my arrival at FDOC's processing center in Orlando, one week after being sentenced. That letter, mailed well within any statute of limitation conformity, was ignored. All subsequent complaints have likewise been ignored, by the Sheriff's Office, Attorney General (Christ and all subsequent), State Attorney, and, Judiciary. In fact Judge Mark Yerman went so far as to state in a correspondence that the statements of a layman were mute where they contradicted those of a "sworn law enforcement officer". Is this not extreme prejudice?

 By, and through, a false complaint, evidence tampering, the ignorant/illogical actions, or non actions by members of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, ordinary citizens of Citrus County can and will be charged for crimes never committed, solely to satisfy the twisted, self centered, egotistical mind of sheriff Dawsey. Dawsey is firmly in the "back pockets" of many large land owners/developers in Citrus County, allegations made based on questionable activities of members of his agency, which he apparently condones. He openly stated in public his consideration of those who reside in Mobile/Manufactured homes as being 'trailer trash', demonstrating his intellectual capacity as a public servant.

 A grand theft was suspected to be in progress, reported to and ignored by the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. The theft was on property already in conflict with developers in that it was associated with approved citing of a mobile/manufactured home. Had the reported theft been associated with a property in Pine Ridge Estates, Citrus Hills or any of the other 'affluent' developments in Citrus County it would have warranted prompt attention.

 Were the false complaint, uttered by a volunteer member of the Sheriff's Office, to have been made by an ordinary citizen, formal charges would have been made by the hypocrites of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office.

 If the evidence were to have been tampered with by an ordinary citizen, formal charges would have been made by the hypocrites of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, generating a felony charge.

The false complaint combined with evidence tampering suggests conspiracy another felony charge.

The public is led to believe a department exists within the Citrus County Sheriff's Office which addresses complaints made concerning members of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. The name of the department'Internal Affairs. Internal Affairs, at least where the Citrus County Sheriff's Office is concerned, is a title in name only.

 A complaint submitted concerning the false complaint/evidence tampering/conspiracy allegations was whitewashed, blown off and ignored by Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsey's Department of Internal Affairs, the Sheriff, Florida State's Attorney, Attorney General and the Governor of the State of Florida. How deep does the corruption in Florida go?

Where is it written the Sheriff's Office of Citrus County Florida is above the laws which its members are sworn to enforce?

Jeff Dawsey was running for a seat on the Board of Citrus County Commissioners where it is believed he would further utilize his hypocrisies for the benefit of personal gain and that of his cronies, anyone other than the general population of Citrus County.

 Historically, selective enforcement is recognized as a sign of tyranny, and an abuse of power, because it violates Rule of Law, allowing men to apply justice only when they choose. Aside from this being inherently unjust, it almost inevitably must lead to favoritism and extortion, with those empowered to choose being able to help their friends, take bribes, and threaten those they desire favors from. Who does the sheriff's office of Citrus County serve the public or private interests? In what capacity would he perform as a member of the County Commissioners? What would he further cover-up?

The felonious acts of members of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, combined with the misrepresentation of Charles Vaughn, disregard of recommendations from the Florida Supreme Court to the lower Courts, inability to pay for having services performed as requested by Vaughn, inability to pay fines, etc. imposed by Judge Howard, has resulted in not only the unwarranted prison sentence, but, having my driver's license suspended indefinitely for failure to pay fines and court costs.

Our residing in Citrus County has caused considerable financial loss'for the benefit of whom? They are not expected to come forward. They are COWARDS, hiding behind the cloak of corruption which exists in Citrus County and the State of Florida.

Apparently the Constitutional, and Bill of Rights clauses, which we as citizens of the United States consider to protect us, are slowly being pushed aside in the interest of decreasing the financial burdens upon our Judicial systems. This is made possible by the manner in which frivolous complaints are uttered and, unwarranted arrests, and trumped up cases, are prosecuted, with the accused left with the option of foregoing their Rights to a trial by jury by way of accepting a plea deal, and, not being fully informed of the consequences of doing so.

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Never ... ever... walk into a law enforcement agency by yourself to file a complaint. Civilian testers have shown that you may very well be arrested or harassed for doing so. Complaints are generally used to put a report of abuse onto an officer's record, so as to hopefully keep the officer from continuing to abuse his or her authority or to help show his or her superiors that there is a problem with the individual that needs to be addressed. Complaints will not get a victim compensated for abuse. Complaints are not law suits. If you file a complaint against law enforcement and they "clear" themselves as they so often do, the only recourse you may have is a civil law suit where you may receive compensation if you and your attorney can prove damages or civil rights violations. Contact a competent civil rights attorney if you need more information about filing a law suit for civil rights violations. In order to file an official legal complaint against a law enforcement officer of any rank, it is recommended that you file your complaint through a competent attorney. A certified letter to internal affairs may, or may not, garner attention, at the very least a hard copy record is available to attest to efforts made of filing a complaint. An attorney is the only one who can protect you, through documentation and legal advise, from police harassment or arrest in these matters. 
Source: http://www.homewreckingcops.com/reportcops.html

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office will make information about their arrests, allegations, etc. known to the public via the local news media and the public pretty much accepts the information as fact. What is not made readily available via the media though is the other side of the story...The information which could cast doubt upon the activities of the Sheriff's Office, judiciary, prosecution, and, the efforts legal defense does, or does not, make to defend their clients.

Contained on this webiste is actual evidence which when viewed in whole shows that there is in-fact great doubt placed on the way my criminal case was handled. Charles P. Vaughn, Attorney should be a last resort for defense council in any criminal case. He has been described as a "plea monger." Charles P. Vaughn will mislead a client in order to afford himself the quickest, easiest route in closing the clients case, whether the client's welfare is jeopardized or not. The facts and evidence to support this statement are contained on this website as well.

Should the reader have contact with law enforcement in Citrus county, perhaps you realize where you stand and are informed of the treacherous pitfalls which exist.


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